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The National Corvette Museum now offers
50th Anniversary Corvette Merchandise!


If you plan to purchase any 50th Anniversary Corvette merchandise, and are also interested in helping the NCM, please read on...

The National Corvette Museum has 50th Anniversary merchandise available in its store, but can't advertise that fact due to a marketing deal GM made with the company that owns this site: (hey, don't go there yet! Read on!)

Essentially all of the 50th Anniversary items on that site can be purchased through the NCM.

We suggest that you use that site only to decide what to purchase, then CALL THE NCM TO ORDER. The NCM's toll-free number is 800-53VETTE (800-538-3883).

They say that word of mouth is the best advertising, and it would be pretty darn nice if the NCM sold far more 50th Anniversary merchandise over the next year than that 'official' site!

Oh yeah, remember that one of the benefits of NCM membership (if you aren't already a member) is a discount on purchases from the NCM store!

So visit, select the items you want, then CALL THE NCM TO ORDER at 800-53VETTE (800-538-3883)!

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