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Corvettes in Paradise, Florida Keys, 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.Hurricane Wilma has left the building, and we're in what's left of The Florida Keys.JPG 002.Mark's Roman Red '59 and her younger, C4 kissing cousin.JPG 003.As has become tradition, it, of course, rained AFTER we detailed the cars.JPG 004.But, if a hurricane can't chase us away, a little rain sure won't.JPG 005.Bill, his O' Coolness, was there.JPG
006.With his awesome, but understated Light Tarnish Silver C6 Coupe.JPG 007.As we said, understated elegance.JPG 008.CFCA created its own Blue Car Row, with blue Vettes from C3 to C6.JPG 009.Jon's and Pat's new Luxo Blue C6 Convertible gets some TLC before judging.JPG 010.Jon and Hutch administering to their 'girls'.JPG
011.And Ken just doesn't ever quit----he's the Terminator of Vette detailing.JPG 012.And after catching a few extra Z's of beauty sleep, the Coles (2) and Pavlics (4) join the group.JPG 013.Lisa and Kim, Duane and Arlene, Gary and Lucy---we were now all together.JPG 014.The only thing in common these two Vettes shared was the color of their tops.JPG 015.A subtle, but distinctive touch.JPG
016.'Shark Alley' held some beautiful C3s.JPG 017.Like Paul's and Dianne's flared fender, monster 454 Big Block '72 Convertible.JPG 018.And while CFCA had its Blue Vette Group, there was a statement being made about RED.JPG 019.With a nearly unbroken line of eight RED Vettes.JPG 020.This Inca Silver '59 was a real show stopper.JPG
021.And sure gave Mark's '59 a run for the title.JPG 022.Not your typical pup, this big guy was a real hit with the crowd.JPG 023.Arlene, the true animal lover, makes a friend.JPG 024.And then it's back to work.JPG 025.The custom Velocity Yellow cap was 80 Grand, the matching car was free.JPG

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