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Corvettes in Paradise, Florida Keys, 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
026.Here's something you won't see every day---a Daytona Sunset Orange C6 Z06.JPG 027.Not a soul was at the pool---they must all be at the Corvette show.JPG 028.Denise gives Todd a helping hand on their new toy.JPG 029.Keeping the winning Pavlic tradition alive, Todd goes that extra mile.JPG 030.While bob has long since put the finishing touches on his Bright Blue Metallic '81.JPG
031.Ken was still hard at it on his and Barbara's Admiral Blue '94 Coupe.JPG 032.Just a few of the great trophies (many of which would be won by CFCA).JPG 033.Bubba would be taking home one of those trophies for his hard work.JPG 034.A simply awesome color.JPG 035.What's wrong with this picture---Ken's not cleaning the '94.JPG
036.Dave McLellan prepares for the White Glove test of Lisa's Lexus.JPG 037.'You know why I dislike judging your car, Lisa,' says Dave.JPG 038.'Because I can never find so much as a speck of dirt'.JPG 039.Giving up finding any dirt, Dave McLellan signs Lisa's Dark Bowling Green Metallic '00 valve cover.JPG.JPG 040.Duane pretends to not be interested as Dave starts inspecting The C6 Mallett.JPG
041.A good Corvette show brings out all kinds of spectators.JPG 043.Barbara accepts her and Ken's C4 trophy from Dave.JPG 044.Bill accepts his C6 trophy from Dave.JPG 045.Gary accepts his and Lucy's C4 trophy from Dave.JPG 046.Hutch accepts his and Patti's C4 trophy from Dave.JPG
047.Denise and Todd accept their C5 trophy from Dave.JPG 048.Jon accepts his and Pat's C6 trophy from Dave.JPG 049.Bubba accepts his C5 trophy from Dave.JPG 050.Gary accepts his and Joan's C5 trophy from Dave.JPG 051.Arlene and Duane accept their C6 trophy from Dave.JPG

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