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Eric & Tracy's Vegas Wedding 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.Friday night dinner at the Bellagio.JPG 002.Part of the CFCA contingent gathered at the Luxor.JPG 003.There, that's better---Jon is now in the picture.JPG 004.Okay now, HERE's the whole CFCA group with their Mums.JPG 005.The wedding wheels.JPG
006.Not Eric's first choice, and not a well-tuned machine.JPG 007.Lisa breaks the bad news to Eric that Elvis won't be singing at the ceremony.JPG 008.Whew---we almost learned the truth about what's under those kilts.JPG 009.Eric says, 'it's a good thing Nancy isn't looking'.JPG 010.And while Eric and Tracy got the Vette, the rest of us got this little Ford.JPG
011.Nothing says 'I love you' quite like a 40' Super-stretch Excursion.JPG 012.Hmmm, '24 7 Entertainment.' Sounds like Eric's motto.JPG 013.Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Eric is still enjoying Leonard's ministrations.JPG 014.'Damn these laces, Man . . . couldn't you have worn loafers'.JPG 015.Tracy and Eric's Mum, Helen.JPG
016.Tracy and Eric's Best Man, John.JPG 017.Tracy and her Kiltsmen, John, John and Leonard..JPG 018.It actually gets decent mileage . . . if you consider 6 MPG decent.JPG 019.One last 'pose' as single people.JPG 020.And we're off.JPG
021.The bride and groom to be prepare to take to The Strip.JPG 022.Ahhh, but seat belts first.JPG 023.'Okay, now which way to the chapel'.JPG 024.Are you sure all twenty of us are going to fit in there.JPG 025.The happy couple in traffic on The Strip.JPG

Happy Wedding, Eric & Tracy! We love you guys!
Created by all your friends from CFCA!