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Eric & Tracy's Vegas Wedding 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
026.They sure do look good in that Vette.JPG 027.After a cozy ride, we disembarked at the chapel.JPG 028.And it really was a little white wedding chapel.JPG 029.With the Stratosphere in the background, we prepare to enter The Tunnel of Love.JPG 030.'Just pull that lil' ol' sportscar up to this window, Darlin'.JPG
031.'That's it, Sweetie'.JPG 032.Amazing---they still look happy.JPG 033.THE Wedding Party.JPG 034.'I'm sure I put the ring in here somewhere'.JPG 035.My, don't those Scots look good.JPG
036.The Scottish, English and Canadian contingent.JPG 037.And, now, for the actual ceremony.JPG 038.So far, so good.JPG 039.A moment to reflect upon friends and family gathered, and then . . .JPG 040.THE KISS seen 'round the world.JPG
041.Oh, what the heck, how 'bout another for the cameras.JPG 042.Post-ceremony, Kerrie, John, Leonard, Helen and Eric strike a pose.JPG 043.John, Tracy, Eric and Leonard.JPG 044.A very happy Eric with the two Mrs. Upfolds.JPG 045.We finally got Nancy to stop giggling long enough for a photo.JPG
046.See what I mean (she was very happy).JPG 047.Pat and Jon take advantage of the moment.JPG 048.As do Joan and Gary.JPG 049.And Lisa and Kim (this is, like, their third time).JPG 050.Duane and Arlene (who've been married forever).JPG

Happy Wedding, Eric & Tracy! We love you guys!
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