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Roger's Cruz'In Show 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.'No,' Patti says, 'this is not a 2 AM garage sale'.JPG 002.These are the hard-working CFCA folks setting up the show at O'dark-thirty.JPG 003.The CFCA display field, just before show time.JPG 004.Duane's and Arlene's Velocity Yellow Mallett Madness C6 Convertible.JPG 005.Vette Owners----clean your rides.JPG
006.Roger pulled out all the stops, including arranging for perfect weather.JPG 007.As expected, all six generations were on hand and well represented.JPG 008.And Mark's '59 had some eagerly awaited company . . . .JPG 009.Shawn's 'separated at birth' heavily modified '60.JPG 010.And speaking of separated at birth . . . .JPG
011.Sharp. Very sharp.JPG 012.While not a Corvette, still a very nicely shaped rear end.JPG 013.Ditto.JPG 014.This beautiful trio of a '54, '58 and '62 were just a few of the great C1s present.JPG 015.And some cars just scream 'FAST' sitting still.JPG
016.While others just shout 'BAD-ASS'.JPG 017.While still others just whisper, 'Shhhhh, I'm a Classic'.JPG 018.Jon and Pat, Bob and Steve hold down the fort in the balcony seats.JPG 019.So, who's car will be crowned 'The Most Awesome Corvette on the Planet'.JPG 020.Could it be this baddest of all time production Corvettes---the 505 HP C6 Z06.JPG
021.Uh, no, sorry. It was just here to collect drool.JPG 022.And lots of envy, which it did in spades.JPG 023.Ultra-bad, right down to its hydroformed bones.JPG 024.Now, if Roger owns the 'Field of Dreams,' might this be the 'Ultimate Toy Chest'.JPG 025.And how about this beautiful Roman Red '62 toy.JPG

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