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Roger's Cruz'In Show 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
026.Or this early Top Gun Jet Black Shark.JPG 027.Ed is gonna rub that shine right off his Crown Saphire '59 if he keeps at it.JPG 028.And just when you thought there were no more 'separated at births'.JPG 029.Kim and Cha-Cha (aka Pat) show us otherwise.JPG 030.And while Tom moves furniture (Jon and Pat's soon to be new table) . . . .JPG
031.And Hutch transports priceless Corvette posters . . . .JPG 032.The cars just sit, look pretty, and take in the view.JPG 033.And what a magnificent view it is.JPG 034.But soon it was time for the Russell Home charity auction and AWARDS.JPG 035.'Now, what DID I do with that darn auctioneer . . .'.JPG
036.Ahhh, but first, Neton must announce his favorite Corvette.JPG 037.And as Hutch and Lisa, Master and Mistress of Ceremonies (ahem) assist Newton . . . .JPG 038.A thunderous hush falls over the crowd.JPG 039.And then it was Auction Time, as the Fastest Mouht in the South, Kurt Chana, takes over.JPG 040.And with the help of his lovely assistant, Ron, Kurt and company auctioned off EVERYTHING.JPG
041.Then it was time to thank Roger for, once again, hosting, sponsoring and contributing to the 'Roger's Corvette Cruz'In'.JPG 042.And who DID walk off with 'The Most Awesome Corvette on the Planet' trophy . . . you'll have to visit the CFCA website to find out.JPG 043.Now, what kind of Corvette show would this be without a cute pooch photo.JPG    

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