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Corvettes on the Gulf 2004
001.It's early Sunday morning---do you know where your Corvette is.JPG 002.Well, if you're dodging hurricanes, and you're in Venice, you're at the inaugural Corvettes on the Gulf show.JPG 003.Which is where 3 CFCA Vettes and 7 members were (what ARE you doing, Ray).JPG 004.Ray puts the finishing touches on his and Rachelle's new Machine Silver '04.JPG 005.Ask Ray to show you the car's super hi-tech, virtually invisible bra (no, seriously).JPG
006.Lisa's Green Lexus, polished to perfection.JPG 007.And Duane's and Arlene's mint Light Carmine Metallic Red '98.JPG 008.Oh, and Mark's Roman Red '59 over yonder.JPG 009.Once the cars are shined and the gear is stowed, it's time to walk around and check out all the generations.JPG 010.And, boy, were there some beauties to behold, like this Top Flight Polo White '54.JPG
011.And this PERFECT Gypsy Red '55.JPG 012.How about these bookmatched Venetian Red '57s.JPG 013.Or this gorgeous Silver Blue '58.JPG 014.And what would a west coast Corvette show be without Don's and Sherry's mint condition Signet Red '58.JPG 015.And you say you like your old C1s a little spicey---how about this custom Millennium Yellow '59.JPG
016.The color-coordinated extension chord was not intentional.JPG 017.The C2s were equally well represented by this custom Candy Apple Red '63.JPG 018.And this monster '65, whose stereo could be heard as far away as Tampa.JPG 019.There were C3s, C4s and C5s of every vintage, from bone stock to full custom.JPG 020.And as the morning wore on, more Corvettes showed up.JPG
021.On our way to breakfast (which was like a Mystery Cruise on foot), Lisa discovered this little guy.JPG 022.This 10-year-old Pomeranian fell in love with Lisa.JPG 023.Or maybe it was the way Lisa used her nails . . .JPG 024.We eventually found Althea's, which had all kinds of delicious breakfasts.JPG 025.And then it was back to the show, where still more beautiful Corvettes had arrived.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!