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Corvettes on the Gulf 2004
026.And when we said that ALL generations of Corvette were there, we meant it.JPG 027.This Magnetic Red Metallic C6 came standard with a drool rag.JPG 028.And, if by some chance, this bone stock 2005 C6 wasn't quite exciting enough for you . . .JPG 029.. . . There was always this 'subtly' modified Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic Mongoose 400 version for ya.JPG 030.Oh, baby.JPG
031.So, from this . . . JPG.JPG 032.To this.JPG 033.And a little of everything in between, this show had it ALL.JPG 034.Including this rather unique, scissor-door creation.JPG 035.But when it was all said and done.JPG
036.And you had finished looking at all of the gorgeous Vettes.JPG 037.What it all boiled down to.JPG 038.Was getting to hang out and relax with your Corvette friends.JPG 039.And, maybe win a prize.JPG  

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!