Vettes at the Port 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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001.It's O'dark-thirty---do you know where your Vettes are.jpg 002.Why, of course we know---they're lined up for the Vettes at the Port show.jpg 003.And, yes, we were a tad early.jpg 004.But we wanted to be sure to get good parking spaces.jpg 005.The drive over to Port Canaveral was brisk.jpg
006.Once there, Mark's '59 tried on a birthday present.jpg 007.It's her serial number on a legal Missouri license plate.jpg 008.There landed up being several solid-axle C1s present.jpg 009.Including Eric's '58 and Mark's '59.jpg 010.And, in addition to a great venue (the Port)---.jpg
011.---The Cape Kennedy Corvette Club (CKCC) parked all the Vettes by generations.jpg 012.Which made for some very interesting comparisons.jpg 013.There were some very nice trophies.jpg 014.But the Vettes were even nicer.jpg 015.And, as one might suspect, C4s---.jpg
016.---and lots of C5s outnumbered everything else.jpg 017.Mr. Torpy was a Satellite High School classmate of Ray's and Mark's.jpg 018.Steve thinks he may have missed a spot on his Z06.jpg 019.There were some truly beautiful Vettes at this show.jpg 020.And it was a good thing for Mark and Phil that Eric's '58 wasn't actually competing.jpg
021.This '82 Collector was CHERRY.jpg 022.It looked like it had just rolled off the assembly line.jpg 023.As did this gorgeous '70 Stingray.jpg 024.Hoods-up salutes were everywhere.jpg 025.And then there was this 'Save the Wave' salute.jpg

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