Vettes at the Port 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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026.We even had a mint condition '54 join the C1 group (it won, of course).jpg 027.And it deserved to win.jpg 028.'I Dream of Jeanie' made an appearance, too.jpg 029.But she didn't hold a candle to these beautiful C2s.jpg 030.Or this awesome '63 convertible.jpg
031.Sal was selling his '67 Coupe, and Phil was definitely interested.jpg 032.It really is a shame that Corvette shows have to be held in such dismal surroundings.jpg 033.And while Phil was checking out Sal's '67, others were checking out Phil's Tasco Turquoise '60.jpg 034.Yellow has always been a popular Corvette color.jpg 035.A paint finish so deep, you could swim in it.jpg
036.Now, THAT'S a bike.jpg 037.'Holy three-wheeler, Batman'.jpg 038.Dennis's Grand Sport Image had a UFO of its own.jpg 039.This little guy danced while playing 'Wild Thing'.jpg 040.And then there was this Wild Thing.jpg
041.And wild it was.jpg 042.The CKCC did a great job, and CFCA will be back again next year.jpg      

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