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Ultimate Corvette Party 2004
001.Party Flyer.JPG 002.The 'Classics' on display.JPG 003.Ray (or is that Roy) showing us his better side.JPG 004.There were acres upon acres of Corvettes.JPG 005.And Ferman Chevrolet was an outstanding host.JPG
006.And, of course there were these gorgeous spankers.JPG 007.From bone-stock original . . .JPG 008. . . . To just slightly modified.JPG 009.With everything in between.JPG 010.Including the annual Toys for Tots HUMMER.JPG
011.And they don't get much more perfect than this Arctic Blue '57.JPG 012.What an incredible rear end.JPG 013.Uh, ditto.JPG 014.Whud'ya say---I couldn't hear you.JPG 015.This is one VERY bad Shark.JPG
016.Not your Daddy's Stinger hood.JPG 017.There were dozens of beautiful C1s on display, like this Crown Saphire '59.JPG 018.And this mint Black '57 Fuelie.JPG 019.From the oldest to the newest, the Ultimate Corvette Party had 'em all.JPG 020.Including a Roman Red '58, '59 and '60.JPG
021.What curvaceous lines.JPG 022.Uh, ditto again.JPG 023.No, this was not the line for the restrooms---it was for lunch.JPG 024.The lovely and talented Margo Rochelle kept the crowd's attention.JPG 025.Gary's and Lucy's Torch Red '96 convertible.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!