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Ultimate Corvette Party 2004
026.Shelly's and Roger's Ruby Red '93 convertible.JPG 027.Ray's and Rachelle's Machine Silver '04 convertible.JPG 028.Lisa's Dark Bowling Green Metallic '00 convertible.JPG 029.Lisa's spotless-enough-to-eat-off LS1 engine.JPG 030.The highly energetic CFCA crowd, doing some of what they do best.JPG
031.What an incredible line-up.JPG 032.Where's that darn Windex when you really need it.JPG 033.Now THERE'S true love---a Stingray on a Sting Ray.JPG 034.Go, GATORS.JPG 035.Hutch, Patti and 'Wild Thing' chillin' out.JPG
036.Master of Ceremonies, Tommy Farruggio, and his bud, Andy Pilgrim.JPG 037.Tommy's Millennium Yellow screamer.JPG 038.The CFCA contingent as it awaits the awards ceremony.JPG 039.INCREDIBLE trophies---actual miniature Corvettes.JPG 040.Hutch accepting his and Patti's award for the C4 Best in Class.JPG
041.The proud recipients.JPG 042.What could possibly be more appropriate than a '96 Grand Sport trophy for the owners of a '96 Grand Sport.JPG 043.Until November 2006, the plate sez it all---C'ya.JPG    

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!