Titusville Charity Concours 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
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001.Hoods up in the morning sun.JPG 002.30 years of Corvette history separate Rich's black '89 and Mark's red '59.JPG 003.Rusty's 'subdued' C3.JPG 004.Rich's beautiful black '89 coupe.JPG 005.The show field at Eckler's.JPG
006.Titusville's first fire truck--a 1925 La France.JPG 007.So, you want some trucks to go with your Vettes.JPG 008.How about this '51 Chevy pick-up.JPG 009.Separated at birth.JPG 010.The '54 Corvette Nomad was back.JPG
011.Supposedly, it's a daily driver.JPG 012.Uh-huh, sure it is.JPG 013.This '61 and '62 pair is some of Mike Coletta's craftsmanship.JPG 014.Simply gorgeous.JPG 015.No two are ever alike.JPG
016.And for what they cost, they shouldn't be.JPG 017.A nice reflection in glass.JPG 018.Remember the Fiero.JPG 019.There were all kinds of GM iron present, like this mint Impala convertible.JPG 020.And this beautiful black '56 Bel Air.JPG
021.And from this hot rod blue Impala---.JPG 022.To Darth Vader's Impala.JPG 023.The plumbing just got more and more impressive.JPG 024.Steve was there with his red '03 Z06.JPG 025.As was Kerry with his blue '02 coupe.JPG

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