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Reflections in Glass Show 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.No, these aren't the new C6 Corvette, but these Mazda's are the reason the show is where it is.JPG 002.This 427 Stingray was a typical beauty.JPG 003.Six production years separate these two Corvette benchmarks.JPG 004.Although it threatened all day to rain on the gorgeous cars, it never did.JPG 005.Jon would LOVE this '60.JPG
006.I think he missed a spot.JPG 007.What do you think, Jon---pretty impressive, huh.JPG 008.Now THESE would be guaranteed to scorch your retinas.JPG 009.Although not as well-attended as year's past, all five generations were still well represented.JPG 010.Remember this slightly modified C4 from Islamorada.JPG
011.Hmmm---ya' think that takes a little while to polish.JPG 012.This black '78 was a hottie.JPG 013.Over 125 Vettes braved uncertain weather to make this show a success.JPG 014.America's Corvette Club had their usual beautiful trophies.JPG 015.Five of the six CFCA Vettes that attended.JPG
016.BJ's Torch Red '96 Coupe.JPG 017.Bill's beautiful '78 Pace Car.JPG 018.Phil's Tasco Turquoise '60.JPG 019.Kerry's Electron Blue '02 Coupe (always being cleaned).JPG 020.Henry's Black '94 Convertible.JPG
021.And Mark's Roman Red '59.JPG 022.Mark's '59 was in good company in the 'Specialty Vettes' area with this Honduras Maroon '61.JPG 023.This little guy (all 6 inches of him) just LOVED the Vettes.JPG 024.This nicely customized '54 was a real crowd pleaser.JPG 025.All in all, a great show for a first-time venue.JPG

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