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Reflections in Glass Show 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
026.Tony and Marie even drove their '57 all the way from Key West.JPG 027.Kerry was able to display his multi-autographed valve covers.JPG 028.Hmmm, anybody we know.JPG 029.Very cool, Kerry.JPG 029a.Bill's '78's almost stock powerplant (yeah, sure).JPG
030.Actually, Phil was napping and not standing guard.JPG 031.Phil accepting his C1 trophy.JPG 032.Henry accepting his C4 trophy (on the run).JPG 033.BJ accepting HIS C4 trophy.JPG 034.Phil accepting the 'Longest Distance Driven' trophy, which he will mail to Tony and Marie.JPG
035.The CFCA winners (gee, guys, don't look so happy).JPG 036.Now, that's MUCH better---C'ya next year.JPG      

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