Corvettes in Paradise 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
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002.The 'Not So Early' group of three American and one Japanese Corvettes.JPG 003.After our low-calorie low-fat, no-carb, Cracker Barrel breakfast, we were ready to hit the road.JPG 004.Hey, where is everyone---we had the Turnpike to ourselves.JPG 005.A very brisk five hours later we were in Islamorada.JPG 006.Mark was up VERY early Saturday morning to clean his baby.JPG 007.Because the next stop was the Holiday Isle showfield.JPG
008.And there were going to be some beauties here today.JPG 009.Mike and Debbie checking out Mark's '59 making sure it's clean.JPG 010.BJ, Barry and Mark all work on their cars, while JoAnn looks on.JPG 011.WHOA---someone stole the Mermaid and replaced her with these guys.JPG 013.Neal swears he's just on hiatus, and will rejoin the club soon.JPG 014.BJ takes a break from cleaning to talk to Patty, via cell.JPG
015.Since Mark was finished cleaning before dawn, he can walk around taking a few (hundred) photos.JPG 016.Lisa is sure working hard on Kim's '90 ZR1.JPG 017.While Hutch works on 'Display Only' Wild Thing 'strictly out of habit'.JPG 018.Gary and Lucy have their '96 polished all the way down to the tire treads.JPG 019.Uh-oh, here comes trouble.JPG 020.And guess who he parks next to . . ..JPG
022.O COOL Bill with his cool '00 Coupe.JPG 023.This beautiful black '81 was a heavy breather.JPG 024.There were several other very nice C1s, too, like this Tasco Turquoise '60.JPG 025.And this Roman Red '61.JPG 026.And this Tuxedo Black '61.JPG 027.Lisa was taking no chances, and used a black Sharpie for touch-ups.JPG
028.Meanwhile, Duane was cleaning every nook and cranny of his and Arlene's mint '98.JPG 029.But Ken was simply a MACHINE, and never stopped detailing Barbara's Admiral Blue '94.JPG 030.While Mark followed suit on his and JoAnn's Admiral Blue '95.JPG 031.BJ with his and Patty's Torch Red '96 Coupe and Barry's and Helen's Torch Red '03 Z06.JPG 032.By mid-morning, the CFCA group was nearly ready.JPG 033.But then again, so were some other really nice Vettes.JPGy mid-morning, the CFCA group was nearly ready.JPG

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