Corvettes in Paradise 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
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034.These wheels could give Barry and Duane a run for their money.JPG 035.This Roman Red '62 . . . .JPG 036.And this Roman Red '62 . . . .JPG 037.Book-ended a very nice Daytona Yellow '69 Coupe.JPG 039.Okay now, no funny stuff under there.JPG 040.Different, but in a tasteful and subdued way.JPG
041.This really says it all---Corvettes in Paradise.JPG 042.Dave McLellan arrived in the Steel Blue '75 Convertible.JPG 043.Check out the perfect interior of this Mille Miglia Red '73 Convertible.JPG 045.You could read a newspaper in the reflections off this Vet's '84 Vette.JPG 046.While back at CFCA, Kim's extra efforts will pay off later.JPG 047.Gary and Joan uncover ol' 47.JPG
048.And Larry has put the finishing touches on his 50th Anniversary Edition.JPG 049.Cha-Cha says, 'What racoon---I don't see any racoon'.JPG 050.Man, those are nice wheels.JPG 051.No need to get all wet and excited, this was a faux '53.JPG 052.It must be one helluva good car show for there to be no one here.JPG 053.Pat, Jon, Gary, BJ and Joan keeping chilled in the shade.JPG
054.Don't try this at home, kids---we're professionals (and your parents would KILL you).JPG 055.Mark and JoAnn have done their duty, and now take a rest.JPG 056.How'd this Fix Or Repair Daily sneak in here.JPG 057.Decisions, decisions.JPG 058.'So, Gary, where might those Jello Shots be, huh,' asks Jon.JPG 059.Lisa bites her lip as none other than Dave McLellan, himself, inspects Kim's flawless ZR1.JPG
060.Dave is having difficulty finding even a speck of lint on this car.JPG 061.Dave and his co-judge look and look, but eventually have to give up.JPG 062.Now, why in the world would anyone want to come back to this show.JPG 063.Well, at least Bill is wide awake.JPG 064.As worn out as he obviously is, Neal still has his cleaning towel in his hand---attaboy, Neal.JPG 065.It looks like all of KEn's hard work is going to pay off again.JPG

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