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Winter NCRS Show 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.Tommy Farruggio - show oraganizer extraordinaire.JPG 002.Son of Avelate, the second generation debuts.JPG 003.Hutch says, 'See, this is a REAL Grand Sport'.JPG 004.The '51 Years of Corvette - Heritage Display' area filled up fast.JPG 005.This '54 Corvette Nomad wagon was WAY cool.JPG
006.And it proved to be quite popular, too.JPG 007.The Avelate II prepares for a photo shoot.JPG 008.A bevy of beauties in the early morning sun.JPG 009.The Nomad was one gorgeous re-creation.JPG 010.With some exquisite detailing.JPG
011.This little guy stayed warm in his Corvette sweatshirt.JPG 012.The NCRS showfield drew quite the crowd as well.JPG 013.Including this beautiful white '54.JPG 014.This matching red '54.JPG 015.This pristine white '58.JPG
016.And this mint condition red '58.JPG 017.And there was this delapidated 'barn car' '57 racer.JPG 018.The cream of the crop.JPG 019.In a spectacularly nice crop.JPG 020.A beautiful red '59 (not Mark's).JPG
021.Maybe not a Corvette, but this Camaro was awesome nonetheless.JPG 022.A terrific restoration.JPG 023.WOW.JPG 024.And what do we have here.JPG 025.A pair of seriously chopped and channeled Hot Rods.JPG

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