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Winter NCRS Show 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
026.'Oh, Wilma'.JPG 027.Hubba-hubba.JPG 028.Nice flames, Daddy-O.JPG 029.And guarding this behemoth, vintage Cadillac.JPG 030.Making sure that only HE got to drool on it.JPG
031.Was Bowser, the world's friendliest watch dog.JPG 032.And waht car show would be complete without the El Studemino.JPG 033.The mating of an El Camino and a Studebaker.JPG 034.Meanwhile, back at the ranch.JPG 035.These straight axle NCRS beauties did themselves proud.JPG
036.Now that's a Reflection in Glass.JPG 037.There were beautiful Vettes (like this rare chartreuse '58).JPG 038.There were beautiful women (like this gorgeous new mom).JPG 039.And there were beautiful women posing in beautiful Vettes (like Erin).JPG 040.What more could a (male) Corvette enthusiast want.JPG
041.How about a beautifully customized '59 Impala.JPG 042.Definitely NOT your father's Impala.JPG 043.Holy, moley.JPG 044.Or how about this Sunkist Orange '51 Chevy 1300 pick-up.JPG 045.Or this pair of mint condition, Nader-hater Chevy Monza Corvairs.JPG
046.Or this to-die-for '57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible.JPG 047.All in all, it was GREAT day and a GREAT show.JPG      

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