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CFCA Mystery Cruise
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

001.T'was the start of a very long day.JPG 002.And everyone was rarin' to go.JPG 003.As the Vettes sat glistening in the early morning sun----.JPG 004.----The beginnings of a Drivers' Meeting started taking shape.JPG 005.More Vettes continued to arrive.JPG
006.Mark's not sure if it's on straight.JPG 007.But between the two of them, Henry and Bill get it done.JPG 008.And then there was Governor Ray and President Bob . . ..JPG 009.And let's not forget our very own Orange County Sheriff's escort.JPG 010.It just won't be the same happy face without those pop-up headlights.JPG
011.'So, I guess you're all wondering why you're here'.JPG 012.'Uh, like, yeah'.JPG 013.'Well . . . it's a mystery to me'.JPG 014.Little did these unsuspecting hostages, er, participants know.JPG 015.Bill wants to know if everyone has a bag of breadcrumbs (to find their way home).JPG
016.Eventually the Drivers' Meeting ended, and everyone began to line up.JPG 017.With our Sheriff's escort in the lead----.JPG 018.---We formed into two lines, Group 'A' for Arch and Group 'B' for Bill.JPG 019.We bid a fond farewell to the Cracker Barrel.JPG 020.And then . . . we stopped and waited.JPG
021.But we did finally make it out of the parking lot.JPG 022.Henry and Cindi enjoy the beautiful morning in their beautiful black '94 convertible.JPG 023.While Bill decides T-tops and AC are better in his mint '78 Anniversary Edition.JPG 024.At speed through Hunters Creek.JPG 025.Followed by a little (unscheduled) regrouping stop on a Disney backroad.JPG

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