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CFCA Mystery Cruise
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

026.Followed by a little (unscheduled) potty stop.JPG 027.'Okay, okay, EVERYBODY use the potty'.JPG 028.Back on the road, the scenery was just getting interesting, when . . ..JPG 029.Then we actually had a scheduled stop----at the Lakeridge Winery.JPG 030.Where we were able to park the Vettes and let them (and us) cool off.JPG
031.As usual, we pretty much took over the place.JPG 032.JD shows off some new 'enhancements' for his toy.JPG 033.Meanwhile, inside, the little red wagons helped shoppers get their vino loaded.JPG 034.A CFCA-size bottle of fine wine, complete with its own cork screw.JPG 035.The girls waited patiently . . ..JPG
036.. . . While their owners imbibed wine samples and shopped.JPG 037.These folks don't know it, but they have a long, LONG way to go yet.JPG 038.The Winery must just love it when CFCA shows up.JPG 039.The McKeys and the Rolfes look like they're having fun.JPG 040.But as much fun as everyone was having----.JPG
041.----It was soon time to get ready to leave.JPG 042.Lewis and Clark, er, Bill and Arch convened another Drivers' Meeting.JPG 043.Bill's '78 Anniversary Edition just before we left and drove into a torrential monsoon.JPG 044.Six hours, six counties and 120 miles later, we arrive at our destination.JPG 045.The Pices Rising restaurant in Mount Dora offered a nice, cool respite from our adventure.JPG
046.And as the Yorks and Simonsons toiled over the score sheets-----.JPG 047.-----The rest of the gang got busy eating and drinking.JPG 048.Joyce and Bob are among those that were happy just to have survived the trip.JPG 049.Mild-mannered Governor Ray is on the verge of becoming Evil Roy.JPG 050.The rest of our group relaxes and catches their breath too.JPG

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