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Lady Lake Show 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.Vettes at the Villages 3.JPG 002.Our early morning rendezvous at Classic.JPG 003.Bill, Buba, Shaun, John and Larry want to know 'where's the CAWFEE'.JPG 004.Mark's old C1 and the Spurney's new C5.JPG 005.Bill's 'O COOL' '00, ready to haul as. . .JPG
006.Bill's '00 awaiting lift-off.JPG 007.The Spurney's Red '03 Z06.JPG 008.ACHTUNG, Baby---check out the color-coordinated, imported German RONAL wheels.JPG 009.As compared with, say, Kerry's stock wheels and color coordinated calipers.JPG 010.13 of CFCA's Vettes took up this whole block.JPG
011.Larry's and Bonnie's 'Bone Stock' 50th Anniversary Edition '03.JPG 012.Don and Ken detailing their immaculate Vettes.JPG 013.John's customized 50th Anniversary Edition '03.JPG 014.Henry's black '94 and Mark's red '59---.JPG 015.---Were book-ended by the Spurney's red '03 and Bubba's black '99.JPG
016.Does Kerry EVER stop cleaning his blue '02.JPG 017.We even arm-twisted Shaun into showing his beautiful black '93.JPG 018.Believe it or not, this is Big John's hand-made, one-of-a-kind gear shift knob that he made.JPG 019.Don worked hard on Tina's pewter pride and joy.JPG 020.And Tina was there in spirit.JPG
021.Tommy was there with his Tampa contingent.JPG 022.Even Batman was there.JPG 023.Everywhere you turned, there were beautiful Corvettes.JPG 024.Like these 'Separated-at-birth,' twin yellow C5 coupes.JPG 025.Only a few things in life are more enjoyable.JPG

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