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Lady Lake Show 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
026.The Passion of the Corvette.JPG 027.The Town Square's central gazebo played host to the live band.JPG 028.And you couldn't have asked for a more perfect venue or a nicer day.JPG 029.This mint condition '74 drop-top was awesome.JPG 030.As was Glen Duff's beautiful Frost Blue '59 fuelie.JPG
031.The Town Center was full of nothing but Corvettes.JPG 032.Like this 'unique' yellow '80.JPG 033.And this same-owner pair of '98 Indy Pace Cars.JPG 034.And there were lots of unbelievably nice C1s, like this Snowcrest White '59.JPG 035.And this immaculate Sateen Silver '60.JPG
036.Okay, so one non-Corvette 'Corvette Support Vehicle'.JPG 037.All in all, CFCA and its award winners had a GREAT time.JPG.JPG      

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