Roger's Cruz'In 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter and Gary Wollenhaupt for the photos!
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001.The Third Annual Cruz'In.JPG 002.Aside from needing some new letters, Roger was ready.JPG 003.The other Roger checks out the early club arrivals.JPG 004.Our orange club shirts would be a big hit later.JPG 005.Roger's showroom was prepped and ready for the crowds.JPG
006.'So, do you come here often . . .'.JPG 007.Nice pair of, uh, pumpkins, Lisa.JPG 008.CFCA's 'People's Choice' Corvettes on display.JPG 009.Some of Tim Burke's best work.JPG 01 SHOW TODAY.JPG
010.It was elbows and you-know-whats as everyone worked on their cars.JPG 011.And then it was SHOWTIME.JPG 012.A trio of beautiful midyears glistens in the early morning sun.JPG 013.Becky's Fawn Beige '62 in a prime location.JPG 014.This Magnetic Red C6 was one of three '05s at the show.JPG
015.45 years of four round tail lights.JPG 016.Either someone lost a contact lens, or it's a Drivers' Meeting.JPG 017.Patriotic trophies for the winners.JPG 018.A very nice trophy for Club Participation.JPG 019.And, for the 'World's Most Awesome Corvette'.JPG
02 GATE KEEPERS.JPG 020.This skyscraper of a trophy.JPG 022.CFCA's Vettes had their own special parking area.JPG 023.Lisa's Dark Bowling Green Metallic '00 convertible was beautiful, as usual.JPG 024.As were all of CFCA's toys.JPG

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