Roger's Cruz'In 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter and Gary Wollenhaupt for the photos!
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025.Don and Betty Ashe were resplendent with their matching Silver '65 and '05 Vettes.JPG 026.Stu's bad-to-the-bone Quicksilver Metallic '01.JPG 027.A view of the showfiled from the CFCA back 40.JPG 028.The story behind this Monaco Orange '69 is almost as sad as its condition.JPG 029.The question is, what will Roger do with her.JPG
03 SHOW FIELD 1.JPG 030.It kinda grows on you after a while . . . .JPG 031.Hey, Ray, is this what they mean by 'Bootielicious'.JPG 032.Mr. Showe and his little friend.JPG 033.Kim checks out one of Mike Coletta's heavily breathed-on C1s.JPG
034.Mike's personal, personalized custom '59.JPG 035.What a head-turning, show-stopper.JPG 036.A one-of-a-kind Fawn Beige custom interior.JPG 037.Definitely not your mama's powerplant.JPG 038.A true Field of Dreams.JPG
039.Bruce Johnson's always perfect Riverside Red '63 Split Window Coupe.JPG 04 HOT DAY - COLD DRINKS.JPG 040.Much later in the day, and Lisa still has nice . . . pumpkins.JPG 041.Bruce Chittick's winning Roman Red '62 Convertible.JPG 042.President Bob's and Secretary Joyce's Sebring Silver Metallic '99 Coupe.JPG
043.Barry's and Helen's Torch Red '03 Z06.JPG 044.John and Kathy's Bright Aqua Metallic '92 Coupe.JPG 045.Don's and Debi's Dark Red Metallic '94 Convertible.JPG 046.Debra's Electron Blue Metallic '02 Convertible.JPG 047.Betty's Machine Silver '05 Coupe.JPG

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