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Ultimate Corvette Party 2003
001.Once again, Ferman Chevrolet hosted the Ultimate Corvette Party.JPG 002.And the participants lined up for registration.JPG 003.While the tent and stage awaited the beautiful Margo Rochelle.JPG 004.From the latest C5s (inlcuding Tommy's Millennium Yellow screamer)---.JPG 005.To the first 11 years of C1 Solid Axles---.JPG
006.With 5 years of mint condition C2 Sting Rays---.JPG 007.And 14 years of gorgeous C3 Sharks---.JPG 008.And 12 years of awesome C4s---.JPG 009.The Utlimte Corvette Party had something for EVERYBODY.JPG 010.As the years transitioned.JPG
011.The generations evolved.JPG 012.There were awesome Corvettes as far as the eye could see.JPG 013.And, of course, there were great trophies, too.JPG 014.Perry Kahler's Top Flight Crown Saphire '59 was in good company.JPG 015.Check out this '75 beauty.JPG
016.The last convertible for 11 years.JPG 017.Absolutely AWESOME.JPG 018.But for truly terrific, how about these guys.JPG 019.Hutch spiffed up 'Wild Thing',JPG.JPG 020.Which, of course, 'Wild Thing' appreciated.JPG
021.Christine and Rocky check out Bob's and Joyce's powerplant.JPG 022.3 of CFCA's 4 Vettes (Joan's '00, Hutch's '86 GS, Bob's and Joyce's '99).JPG 023.Tampa Bay Vettes were great hosts.JPG 024.And Citrus County Corvettes were on hand, too.JPG 025.Millenium Yellow was a popular color.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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