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Ultimate Corvette Party 2003
026.This Red '62's restoration looks almost complete.JPG 027.Big, bold and beautiful C4 clamshell hoods on display.JPG 028.A Tale of Two Hoods - Part 1.JPG 029.A Tale of Two Hoods - Part 2.JPG 030.Over 300 Corvettes packed the showfield.JPG
031.This pristine Fawn Beige '62 among them.JPG 032.Everywhere you turned, there were curvaceous Corvettes.JPG 033.And another sexy '62.JPG 034.This brown '79 lead a line of spectacular Vettes.JPG 035.So many Vettes, so little time to see them all.JPG
036.And we really like to keep 'em clean.JPG 037.Ferman Chevrolet was a great venue and host.JPG 038.A patriotic Marine's awesome hood liner.JPG 039.Still more beauties lined up for judging.JPG 040.Carlos's steroidal '64.JPG
041.This glistening Black Beauty is the number 0030 '59.JPG 042.Bob checks out this '82 Collector that he's sure Joyce will let him have (sure).JPG 043.And here's Dave Brewer and his Panama Yellow '58.JPG 044.Old Sharks just get better with age.JPG 045.A second, rare Crown Sapphire '59 (only 888 made).JPG
046.This beautiful Red '60 was parked right behind---.JPG 047.Don's and Sherry's mint condition 'Red' '58.JPG 048.And this pretty, young lady got to start up---.JPG 049.The Avelate.JPG 050.Still drawing admiring stares after two years.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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