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Corvettes in Paradise 2003
000.The cover says it all.jpg 001.The Maitland CFCA Group heads for the Cracker Barrel.jpg 002.Bill and his '78 Pace Car enroute.jpg 003.The Annual Ft. Pierce Pit Stop.jpg 004.The old '59 and '81 were thirsty.jpg
005.Lisa's Lexus takes a short break.jpg 006. Debbie and Mike go bra-less.jpg 007.Pete's pewter predator packs power.jpg 008.Kim points to the next area of transformation.jpg 009.Yes, that's 'B' for Bill.jpg
011.John's and Kathy's Aqua '92 takes a break, too.jpg 012.After more driving, the group pits again at Florida City.jpg 013.Where Kim's (and Eric's) '81 has restarting problems.jpg 014.The old and the new are admired alike.jpg 015.And, before you know it, we're at Holiday Isle.jpg
016.While most of CFCA's 23 Vettes are getting parked in our block.jpg 017.Kim and Lisa wash down the 'Lexus'.jpg 019.Saturday morning, and it's cleaning time again.jpg 020.Look at all the toys.jpg 021.Gary re-dries ol' 47 after the first of TWELVE rains.jpg
022.While Ken cleans his and Barbara's Blue '94.jpg 023.Bill, his '78 Pace Car and an admirer between sprinkles.jpg 025.The Red '96's prepare to compete.jpg 029.Debra's Electron Blue '02.jpg 030.Duane's and Arlene's Carmine Red '98.jpg

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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