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Corvettes in Paradise 2003
031.Another shot of Bill's '78, dry and ready to win.jpg 032.John's and Kathy's Aqua '92 braving the rains, sans cover.jpg 033.Tina's (and Don's) Pewter '00.jpg 034.A beautiful Red '61.jpg 035.A very rare '81 convertible in, of course, RED.jpg
037.A very nice modified black '79.jpg 038.With an even nicer red interior.jpg 039.Henry's and Cyndi's Black '94 prepared for more rain.jpg 040.With Betty Boop lending support.jpg 041.Larry is POSITIVE that he can get all the dust out of there.jpg
042.This Grand Sport came all the way from Jax.jpg 043.Joanne and Tony preparing their perfect '93 LT-1.jpg 044.A 'to-die-for' '63 Split Window Coupe.jpg 045.And yet another.jpg 046.Ghost Flames were still hot.jpg
048.Which, by the way, had an engine bay to match.jpg 049.A matched set of tropical C5 bookends.jpg 050.Ready for flight.jpg 051.Can you say 'bitchin'.jpg 052.Louvers, anyone.jpg
053.An all-original, pristine Black '84.jpg 054.Oh, yes it IS.jpg 055.See, all Corvettes ARE red.jpg 056.And these were just the display-only Vettes.jpg 057.Uh-oh, still more rain on the way.jpg

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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