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Motor Trend International Auto Show 2003
001.CFCA's Corvette line-up, Part 1.JPG 002.CFCA's Corvette line-up, Part 2.JPG 003.Mark's '59 and Phil's '60 play off one another.JPG 004.Plastic chains kept the hoi-poloi from the Vettes.JPG 005.There were plenty of expensive exotics, like this Ferrari Enzo.JPG
006.Which had just a few openings.JPG 007.There were red Lamborghinis.JPG 008.And yellow Lamborghinis.JPG 009.And teal Lamborghinis.JPG 010.There was a new Chrysler Crossfire.JPG
011.And there was BMW's new X3 mini-SUV.JPG 012.There was also the new Ford GT.JPG 013.With  rather nice looking derrier (the car's).JPG 014.There was Jeep's mini-SUV concept vehicle, The Varsity.JPG 015.(yeah, okay, whatever).JPG
016.And there was this red Crossfire that everybody and their grandmother could climb into.JPG 017.Which we, I mean, they did.JPG 018.Why does this remind me of an AMC Pacer.JPG 019.Nice high-beams, sweetie.JPG 020.There was Dodge's Hemi Magnum concept wagon.JPG
021.Which won an award for meanest looking concept vehicle.JPG 022.And, of course, there was an Obsidian Black V10 Viper.JPG 023.And then there was the Pontiac Solstice.JPG 024.Which could give the Nissan 350Z a run for its money.JPG 025.An, uh, interesting tush.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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