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Motor Trend International Auto Show 2003
026.Exquisite detailing.JPG 027.So, Mr. Lutz, let's build it.JPG 028.And, of course, there was the 76,200-dollar Corvette.JPG 029.Otherwise known as the Cadillac XLR.JPG 030.And how about this new 5-door Monster Pick-up from Chevrolet.JPG
031.Chevy brought back the Cheyenne moniker for this brute.JPG 032.And, is it just me, or does this Chevy Bel Air concept look like the Ford Thunderbird.JPG 033.You know, the Thunderbird that's about to cease production.JPG 034.Uh, note to Chevy---lose the pink seats.JPG 035.See, we told you that you'd be seeing these SSRs everywhere.JPG
036.Cool, nuevo-retro interior.JPG 037.And a face your grandmother would love.JPG 038.But, by far and away, the coolest concept car was this baby from GM.JPG 039.This is the General's 'AUTOnomy' hydrogen fuel cell 'skateboard' platform.JPG 040.You see what you can do when you set your mind to it.JPG
041.VERY cool stuff, huh.JPG 042.Bad to the bone.JPG 043.Yeah, I can see this in my driveway.JPG 044.I'll take two.JPG 045.But, obviously, the best cars were saved for last.JPG
046.Where 2 Corvettes from each generation glistened under the lights.JPG 047.Fine examples, every one of them.JPG 048.Some with accessories.JPG 049.Some purely stock.JPG 050.All very cool.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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