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Roger's Cruz'In 2003
001.Welcome to Roger's.JPG 002.Early morning CFCA volunteers setting up.JPG 003.CFCA cars parked early.JPG 004.9 AM had lots of Vettes arriving.JPG 005.Tampa Bay Corvettes brought nine beauties.JPG
006.The show field filled up fast.JPG 007.Traffic Director Phil.JPG 008.The CFCA tents and volunteers.JPG 009.Door prizes and auction items.JPG 010.Watching over the VERY nice trophies.JPG
011.Bill and Rich at the CFCA Refreshments tent.JPG 012.There were 32 CFCA Vettes.JPG 013.All of which looked GREAT.JPG 014.And one of which didn't have 4 round tailights.JPG 015.The Skunks were out in force.JPG
016.And looking very good in the process.JPG 017.Tommy debuts his killer new stripes.JPG 018.Beautiful cars and beautiful weather.JPG 019.Lisa's awesome '00 (notice the shiny headlight cover).JPG 020.Shelly's and Roger's mint '93.JPG
021.Larry's and Bonnie's golden 50th.JPG 022.Becky's beautiful Fawn Beige '62.JPG 023.Stu's Go-Fast '01.JPG 024.Randy's Mini Cooper S Vette.JPG 025.Zig-Zag-N down the highway.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the great photos!

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