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Roger's Cruz'In 2003
026.Darrell's gorgeous '78 Pace Car.JPG 027.John's and Kathy's perfect Aqua '92.JPG 028.Kim's Red '81 in Bubba's Black '99.JPG 029.Mr. Florio's winning '58.JPG 030.BJ and Hutch- The Masters of Ceremony.JPG
031.Ned Chatelain accepting his C1 trophy.JPG 032.Sherry Kessel accepting her and Don's C1 trophy.JPG 033.John Harrell accepting his and Sharon's C1 trophy.JPG 034.John Florio accepting his C1 trophy.JPG 035.Larry Shepard accepting his C2 trophy.JPG
036.Rex Stacey accepting his C2 trophy.JPG 037.Annette Johnson accepting her C2 trophy.JPG 038.Bruce Johnson accepting his and Sandra's C2 trophy.JPG 039.Mike Casstello accepting his C3 trophy.JPG 040.Ted Swartzlander accepting his C3 trophy.JPG
041.Tom Asbury accepting his C3 trophy.JPG 042.Danny Moorehead accepting his C3 trophy.JPG 043.Jim Reilley accepting his C4-Early trophy.JPG 044.Chuck Deal accepting his C4-Early trophy.JPG 045.Gene Hastings accepting his C4-Late trophy.JPG
046.Robert Malizia accepting his C4-Late trophy.JPG 047.Chris Haliday accepting his C4-Late trophy.JPG 048.Helene Borozny accepting her and John's C4-Late trophy.JPG 049.Larry Tallon and son accepting their C5-Early trophy.JPG 050.Scott Phillips accepting his C5-Early trophy.JPG

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the great photos!

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