CFCA 30th Anniversary Club Photos
at the new Orange County Convention Center

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Cars only
A & D - Cars only
Members in front
B & E - Members in front

Members by cars
C & F - Members by cars
We are really pleased with how this year's photo shoot went. Mark and all of the volunteers
behind the scene have worked very hard to make this happen. This year's photography is wonderful.
What a great way to show off your club by ordering a photo to display at home or the office or both!

There are three different images, sizes offered are 8" x10" and 11" x 14", each suitable for framing.

The photos are identified as A through F.

The 8" x10" prints are $5.00 each, 11" x 14" are $10.00 each.

E-mail your order now and I'll collect the money at the next meeting.
Or print this order form off and mail with a check to:

Clip and paste the following form to me via email at:

Order Form:

NOTE: A, B, and C are 8 x 10".     D, E, and F are 11 x 14".

































CFCA has approximately 17 vendors and sponsors that advertise and support the club throughout the year.
Wouldn't it be a great way of saying thanks to them by giving each a photo that would say "thank you"?

If you would like to purchase a photo to be donated to to one of them on behalf of CFCA then please indicate
below which size of photo and how many you are purchasing in addition to your personal order as a donation.

Vendor and sponsor Photo donation
8" x 10" _________
11" x 14"_________
On behalf of CFCA, thank you for your donation.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.
Happy 30th!
Bob & Joyce Rolfe
99 Sebring Silver
(407) 856-1091

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