The Russell Home for Atypical Children

Christmas Gift Suggestion List 2002

Note to CFCA Members: Please select a name or two from this list and wrap the item(s) in colorful gift wrap paper and place the child's name on the package. Alternatively, simply mark your gift for a BOY or a GIRL. General household cleaning supplies are also always needed as well.

We will deliver the gifts and our annual donation during a driveout to the Russell Home on Sunday, Dec 15th, meeting at Courtesy (formerly World) Chevrolet, SR436 just outside OIA at 10:00 A.M, to depart at 10:30 A.M. Your heart WILL be touched by this event! If you cannot attend the driveout, bring your gifts to a club meeting and we'll make sure they get delivered. And remember... it's for the children! Thanks, and Happy Holidays in advance!

Thanks to member Kurt Rhodehamel for obtaining this list for us!

On all the children's wish lists this year are small portable, headphone-type radios. They also like videos, notebook pens and paper, color books and crayons, and always fast food certificates. Personal items like nice powders, spray deodorant, cologne, etc, are also welcome. These are just suggestions which you may choose from. If you see anything else you think they would like that would be fine, too. Thank you for all you do for our children. -- Mrs. Russell




JENNIFER:   Head phone radio, Bracelets, picture book


BEVERLY:    Purse, personal items, Jewelry


SHERREE:    Beach ball, McDonald Gift Certificates, big Doll with dark hair


KIM:        Elvis items, personal items, nice powders, etc, Jewelry, pocketbook


JACKIE:     Warm up suit size 16 or ladies large, Rag doll


ANN:        Jewelry box for teenager, personal items, cologne


MARY ANN:   Rag Doll, Radio, personal items


MARILYN:    Stackable ring toy, musical toy, personal items


MARY G:     Hat Jewelry, Personal items


ROBIN:      Book, Pens, Ladies large sleep shirt, Nice bath powder


AMY T:      Watch, Barbie doll, picture book, color book and crayons


JESSICA:    Large sleep shirt, Bath powder, McDonalds certificates, radio


LISA:       Small baby doll with accessories, headphone radio, pocket book


SANDY:      Ladies gown or pajamas size 16 or large, radio, personal items


GINNY:      Stuffed toy, personal items, pajamas size 16


AMY C:      Bright color toy for crib, musical toy


SUSIE:      Musical toy for crib, medium gown, bath powder


MARISOL:    Ladies large gown, size 16 warm-up suit






JOHNNY S:   Back pack, animal book, wallet, playing cards, cologne


STEVIE:     Musical guitar, boys size 16 warm up suit, cologne


CHRIS:      Animal picture book, musical guitar, cologne, size 16 warm-up suit


BILLY BROWN: Size 16 warm-up suit, bead counter toy, musical toy


JON-JON:    See N Say, playing cards, McDonald certificates, OT Wal-Mart gift certificate to buy certain shoe strings


BEN3I:      Sports items, Videos, etc. Electric razor, Watch, Radio/batteries, size 18 shirt


JEFF:       Warm up suit size 16, bedroom slippers, headphone Radio/batteries, personal items


JOSEPH:     Musical toy, Ball, warm-up suit size 14


KENNY:      Airplane book, remote airplane, notebook & pencils, Headphone radio/batteries


MIKE:       Playing cards, board game (Monopoly or other), Headphone radio/batteries


BILLY:      Stuffed Dog, Playing Cards, Wallet, McDonald certificates


DAVID:      Size 16 pajamas, radio, musical toy


BOBBY:      Warm-up suit size 10, musical crib toy



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