Contact the CFCA Homecoming Coordinator, Arlene Pavilic, to volunteer.

Phone: 407-535-6268 (cell)

Please support our High School Homecoming Parades
and help us raise funds for the Russell Home!

  • Winter Park HS - Wed, Oct 3, staging time: 4:45 pm, parade: 5:30 pm
    Meet between 4:30 and 5:00 pm at the Christian Scientist Church Parking Lot off of New York Avenue & Swope Avenue, Winter Park Downtown. Convertibles only, please.

  • Lyman HS - Wed, Fri, Oct 26, staging time: 7:00 pm, parade 7:45 pm
    Lyman High School is at 865 S. Ronald Reagan Blvd, Longwood, FL 32750. We will meet at the school parking lot between 6:30 and 6:45. The best way to get to the lot is to take Dog Track Rd. off of 17/92 then make a right into the parking lot by the stadium.


    Sign up sheets will also be at each meeting. Please... we need EVERYONE's support
    for these parades to help the Russell Home! Come on out and lend your support.

    Supporting local high school homecomings is a major fund raiser for our primary charity, The Russell Home for Atypical Children. 100% of the donations we receive in support of High School Homecoming Parades is donated to the Russell Home. We need each member's support to ensure we don't lose an opportunity. Convertibles are always in demand for these events but coupes are welcome, too. These are not car shows, but of course you will want your Corvette to be clean and looking good. After all, we want to leave a good impression with all those future Corvette owners of America out there!

    For homecomings, we meet at the high school at the designated staging time, usually just outside their football stadium. Most often we are asked to carry the Homecoming court or other dignitaries in a parade, usually consisting of a single lap around the stadium (a few schools have a bit longer parade through their community). Depending on the timing and how well coordinated the school is, homecoming support usually requires only a couple hours, sometimes less.

    To protect your car, we recommend bringing a couple heavy towels, stadium blankets, or bathroom rugs for your passengers when setting on your deck lid (convertibles) or roof support (coupes). Fold up a towel and put in the passenger seat and another on the console for your passengers to step on when climbing in/out of your car. For safety, only one passenger may sit on coupe roof supports. It is up to the Corvette owner to allow a second passenger to sit on convertible decklids. It is also up to the owner to allow any signs to be placed on the car and only the Corvette owner may tape or otherwise affix the signs to the car. Few high schools use signs but we recommend you bring a roll of masking tape or blue painters tape, just in case. Some schools still insist on providing us signs with MAGNETS on the back! (grin) A squirt bottle of Quick Detailer is also a good idea for quickly removing any tape residue at the end of the parade. And of course, we almost always go out for a bite to eat after each parade is over.

    If you can help support any of these events or have any general questions about our parade activities, please contact Arlene Pavlic, the CFCA Homecoming Coordinator.

    And remember... it's for the children!

    Come on, CFCA... Volunteer today!

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