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Wonderful World of Corvettes 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.Rise and shine, campers, it's time to clean those Vettes.JPG 002.It was a brisk 40 degrees that Sunday, but worth the exposure.JPG 003.Old Town rolled out the usual red carpet welcome for everyone.JPG 004.As cold as it was, the band Tagé was AWESOME (CFCA should hire them).JPG 005.And the cold threatened to keep away the crowds, too.JPG
006.Steve and Leah were there with their Torch Red Z06.JPG 007.Mark and Rich were side by side again, next to another fine Chevrolet model.JPG 008.There were three C6s on hand, all of them 'Daytona Sunset Orange' no less.JPG 009.Dewey Hendricks and a CCO friend.JPG 010.Don's and Sherry's 'Best of Show' Signet Red '58.JPG
011.A beauty of a Venetian Red '57.JPG 012.A pristine pair of '61s from the Stuart club.JPG 013.And let's not overlook Eric Martin's gorgeous Regal Turquoise '58.JPG 014.Or Phil Tuttebine's Horizon Blue '60 (gee, do you think there were a few C1s at this show).JPG 015.This Magnetic Red C6 snuck in late.JPG
016.And, with the sun came some warmer temperatures.JPG 017.Man, you're not kidding---this sign says it all.JPG 018.Like this Marina Blue '67, which was for sale.JPG 019.SMO-KIN.JPG 020.This was a PERFECT '82 Collector Edition.JPG
021.Which was parked next this beautiful Corvette Red '79.JPG 022.And, of course, there was Mark's old Roman Red '59.JPG 023.Becky had her hands full with Thelma and Louise.JPG 024.Steve had a great new hood liner to show off, along with his new Torch Red RONAL wheels.JPG 025.No way, no how, and not in this lifetime.JPG

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