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Mark Visits Vegas - May 2005
(a warm up for Eric & Tracy's wedding!)
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.Luxor Hotel.JPG 002.The Stratosphere.JPG 003.Stratosphere Amusement Ride.JPG 004.Fremont Street.JPG 005.Bottle House.JPG
006.My Hotel (Before the Party).JPG 007.My Hotel (After the Party).JPG 008.The First Corvette Prototype.JPG 009.Alternate Reception Location.JPG 010.Sure, it's a little out of the way . . .JPG
011.But there are plenty of vacancies.JPG 012.There are no crowds to contend with (like on The Strip).JPG 013.And local gas is really cheap.JPG 014.The Strip at night.JPG 015.Luxor Hotel upper entrance.JPG
016.The Strip at night.JPG 017.Inside the Luxor Pyramid.JPG 018.Inside the Luxor Pyramid.JPG 019.Inside the Luxor.JPG 020.Tracy---the morning after.JPG
021.My date for the wedding---I hope you don't mind.JPG 022.The Luxor from the pool.JPG 023.The Luxor pool (just like Hutch's and Patti's).JPG 024.Okay, so Hutch's and Patti's is a little bigger.JPG 025.Just remember . . .JPG

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