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Vettes at the Villages 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
026.As Arlene was debating how to say goodbye to their beautiful '98.jpg 027.Kim thinks he sees a speck of lint (Lisa doesn't think so).jpg 028.The judge agreed with Lisa.jpg 029.It looked more like Corvetteville, USA.jpg 030.They sure liked their safety cones.jpg
031.Lisa and Kim were lucky to have WVIG park their broadscast van right next them.jpg 032.All Corvettes are RED (well, most of them).jpg 033.Well, except for these screaming yellow babies.jpg 034.A view from the sales center balcony.jpg 035.Another view from the sales center balcony.jpg
036.Mark's '59 drew a few admiring glances.jpg 037.So many Vettes, so little time.jpg 038.No, the woman with her hands all over that beautiful C3 was not its owner.jpg 039.The Village Square would be where the trophies would be handed out.jpg 040.There was certainly some nice Architecture here.jpg
041.Not to mention lots more Corvettes.jpg 042.Lots of folks wee checking out the new C6 convertible.jpg 043.Especially since it was one of the first to be seen.jpg 044.It was a very full house.jpg 045.Lisa saw these waterfront cottages and thought, hmmm . . .jpg
046.C3, C4, C5 and C6.jpg 047.A rather interesting '81 C3 convertible.jpg 048.It would be tough to beat this venue.jpg 049.And, after you've looked over all the Vettes, it's time to go shopping.jpg 050.Bill Manes and his silver beauty were O COOL, as usual.jpg

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