Vettes at the Pier Show 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.After an early morning drive and clean-up, Mark's '59 was ready to show.JPG 002.There were plenty of beautiful C2 Mid-years to drool over.JPG 003.As well as lots of C3 Sharks.JPG 004.Including these of the 'modified' variety.JPG 005.This survivor '60 was a little rough, but was a one-owner car.JPG
006.The C1 generation was very well represented.JPG 007.As was the C4 generation.JPG 008.No comment necessary.JPG 009.Port Canaveral's finest were on hand to keep things cool.JPG 010.The Dettores and the Coles were on hand too.JPG
011.And, of course there were plenty of C5s.JPG 012.And how about these nose-to-nose C6s.JPG 013.And wouldn't you know---it was Rusty's birthday, too.JPG 014.Recognize the wild one in the middle (Steve).JPG  

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