Ultimate Corvette Party 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001. Mark was a VER early arrival at this year's show.JPG 002.Soon enough there were lots of other beautiful Vettes, like this Corvette Copper '55.JPG 003.Complete with its very rare smoked plexiglass bubble top.JPG 004.Mark's '59 was again bracketed by a Roman Red '60 and '58.JPG 005.There were dozens of examples of each generation, like these great C3 Sharks.JPG
006.And, yes, the owner of this Hooter's Orange C3 WAS all that, and a bag of chips.JPG 007.This nicely done '03 Anniversary Edition Delco-Mongoose was a real standout.JPG 008.From this beautiful Onyx Black '57  . . . .JPG 009. . . . To this Tuxedo Black '61, virtually nothing stayed the same.JPG 010.The '57's gorgeous interior.JPG
011.The '96 Grand Sport Skunk Works, courtesy of Hutch.JPG 012.Hutch holding court on the virtures of owning a 1 of 1,000 GS.JPG 013.A rare and beautiful Silver Blue-Dark Blue '82.JPG 014.She's a cool Harley Poodle.JPG 015.But she loves her Daddy.JPG
016.Pop Quiz---which one of these C5s is NOT a stock color.JPG 017.Carlos brought both his C2 and C5 toys to the show.JPG 018.The owner of this perfect Honduras Maroon '62 had every reason to be proud.JPG 019.The view inside the gorgeous Corvette Copper '55.JPG 020.And the even more spectacular view looking out through the bubble top.JPG
021.Tommy puts on one heck of a great show---see you next year.JPG        

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