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12 Hours of Sebring - March 2005
Thanks to Duane Pavlic & Gary Wollenhaupt for the photos!
GM brought some new C6 Z06's for us to drool over.JPG C6 Z06 Specs.JPG This was the Geneva Auto Show C6 Z06.JPG Cool hood scoop.jpg Side scoop.jpg
The rear flares look big....JPG ...especially from this angle.JPG Rubber ducky spoiler.JPG Check out the big brake calipers.JPG Rear wheels are HUGE!.JPG
Two-tone interior.JPG Looks pretty good.JPG C6R pit area.JPG Pit area.JPG Ready to rumble.JPG
I'd like the scooter!.JPG Get 'er done, Max!.JPG Time to line up.JPG More C6 Z06's.JPG Red Z06.JPG
Black Z06.JPG Here's lookin at you, kid.JPG Sweeeet.JPG Nice Angle.JPG Black is nice.JPG

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