Russell Home Christmas Visit 2005
Thanks to Gary Wollenhaupt for the photos!
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01 Holiday Visit.JPG 02 Snowmen in Florida.JPG 03 Santa and Mrs Santa arrive.JPG 04 Ho Ho Ho.JPG 05 Christmas colors a la Corvette.JPG
06 Special visit with Santa.JPG 07 A full house.JPG 08 The CFCA contingent.JPG 09 Visiting with Santa Dan.JPG 10 Someone has been good this year.JPG
11 Mrs Santa reflects on the visit.JPG 12 CFCA members look on.JPG 13 Santa and Mrs Claus with Janet and Michael.JPG 14 The Joy and Innocence of Christmas.JPG 15 Waiting patiently.JPG
16 Gifts galore.JPG 17 And MORE.JPG 18 When Santa speaks - Everyone listens.JPG 19 Janet and Michael.JPG 20 So - How many days til Christmas.JPG
21 All dressed up.JPG 22 Elvis has entered the buliding.JPG 23 Rob presents CFCAs gift.JPG 24 And its gratefully accepted.JPG 25 Santa looks on.JPG

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