Tampa Bay Paddle Boat Cruise 2005
Thanks to BJ LaMontagne for the photos!
All Aboard!.jpg Back to the dock.jpg Checking out the sights.jpg Enjoying the Cruise.jpg Gary & Lucy.jpg
Getting ready for hurricane season.jpg Guess this would do in a pinch.jpg Hutch & Patti.jpg Mark & Belinda.jpg Mark looking nautical.jpg
Mark x 2.jpg Next time we'll go out on the Sea Thriller!.jpg Our cruise ship awaits.jpg Our Vettes were waiting patiently for us.jpg Patty & Belinda.jpg
Patty & BJ.jpg Pink hotel in the distance.jpg Ready to order.jpg The luxurious Starlite Princess.jpg The Police even follow us on the WATER!.jpg
Tow Boats R Us.jpg Waiting to board.jpg We made it to Tampa.jpg We saw dolphins and manatees. No, really!.jpg What a dump!.jpg

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