Mystery Cruise 2005
Thanks to Bob Rolfe & BJ LaMontagne for the photos!
The Mystery Cruisers.jpg Ready to roll.jpg Meeting the other club.jpg Hey - does this guy know his door hinge is broke.jpg I'm sure we have a map somewhere.jpg
I think we got it.jpg Police Escort thru Hunter's Creek.jpg Is this a C7 prototype.jpg Where the heck are we.jpg Let's get going.jpg
Joyce was all tuckered out.jpg A Mystery Cruise Cruise.jpg Hey, quit rocking the boat.jpg Another participant joins us.jpg Our Fearless Leaders, Bill & Arch.jpg
We made it to the restaurant.jpg Time for dinner.jpg We even had reserved parking.jpg So how does this thing work.jpg Can't wait to open that bottle of Lakeridge wine.jpg
Ahhh-good food and good conversations.jpg Grand prize winners.jpg We all had a really good time.jpg What fun! Let's do it again next time!.jpg Join us next time.jpg

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