Lakeland Corvette Show 2005
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.From this . . . .JPG 002. . . . to this, Michael Holley Chevrolet has come a long way.JPG 003.There were some beautiful classics on display.JPG 004.Along with some modern marvels.JPG 005.And while Mark's 'antique' '59 was old.JPG
006.This old girl was older.JPG 007.And better looking, too.JPG 008.It was a great turnout for a small, but growing show.JPG 009.All six Corvette generations were well represented.JPG 010.With 'special' Vettes getting primo under-cover parking spaces.JPG
011.Mike supervised while Marcella cleaned their Quicksilver Metallic '01.JPG 012.Bullet Bob Ellis was there, with his world-traveled Nassau Blue '65 Covertible.JPG 013.The sign tells only half the story.JPG 014.And while there were a couple of rough riders present, like this Roman Red '61 . . ..JPG 015.There were also some spectacular beauties, like this Black '95 ZR1.JPG
016.It's almost as shiny as Kim's '90 . . ..JPG 017.And alongside diamonds in the rough, like this Inca Silver '59 . . . .JPG 018.There were bad-ass monsters like this slightly modified C5.JPG 019.From its racoon rear . . . .JPG 020.To its nitrous-breathing powerplant.JPG
021.This Vette has been around.JPG 022.After a very long day, good friends Tony and Joanne Diaz join Mark for farewells.JPG 023.So, until next year, so long Michael Holley Chevrolet.JPG    

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