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Wonderful World of Corvettes Show 2004
Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!
001.Early Sunday morning, and Mark's '59 was already being shot.JPG 002.Hard-working Neal and his Electron Blue '02 Z06 get ready for the show.JPG 003.Steve and Janet prepare their Magnetic Red '00 Coupe for its first show.JPG 004.While our other Steve prepares his veteran Torch Red '03 Z06 as well.JPG 005.Rich's Black '89 Coupe was spotless before it even arrived.JPG
006.Hutch and Patti take a more liesurely approach to winning.JPG 007.'Wild Thing' is a quadruple threat.JPG 008.Some very nice trophies were up for grabs.JPG 009.Phil's Tasco Turquoise '60 shared the stage with Eric's Regal Turquoise '58.JPG 010.And Phil's '60 looked GREAT.JPG
011.'Good thing Eric's '58 was a 'Display' car.JPG 012.Mike's handiwork was looking good in his former Fawn Beige '61.JPG 013.And our other Phil's Horizon Blue '60 was also a looker.JPG 014.And lest you think that all there were were C1's---.JPG 015.There were gorgeous C2's, like Bruce's flawless '63 split-window Coupe.JPG
016.This Vette takes your breath away.JPG 017.Stinger hoods---there were LOTS.JPG 018.All five generations were beautifully represented, many times over.JPG 019.This '61's paint was like a mirror.JPG 020.Can you tell which one is the C5.JPG
021.The old and the new C1's, side by side.JPG 022.As luck would have it, great weather, great Vettes and a great venue combined to make a GREAT show.JPG 023.Now there's a couple of great behinds.JPG 024.Here's something you don't get to see everyday---two perfect, red '63 Convertibles.JPG 025.Here were 6 of CFCA's 10 Vettes, all with hoods up for effect.JPG

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