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Vettes at the Village 2004 (World Golf Village Show)
001.Mark's '59 was an early arrival.JPG 002.The traditional NFCA gazebo on the lake.JPG 003.A few of the beauties on display.JPG 004.Don't let the shade trees fool ya', it was blistering HOT.JPG 005.Just ask Bill and Linda Sanders, who took their time detailing their Aqua '92.JPG
006.Or Kerry, who enlisted the help of his attending physician, Dr. Oscar.JPG 007.This very nice red '61 had some interesting custom features.JPG 008.Like white door and kick panel inserts and a chrome speaker ring.JPG 009.The World Golf Village Museum and Tower, June 19, 2004.JPG 010.Red was obviously the C1 color of the day, as evidenced by this beautiful '60.JPG
011.This jet black '72 Coupe was real crowd pleaser.JPG 012.If you look hard enough, you can actually see a few Vettes.JPG 013.My, oh, my, Grandma, what a big, fat lip you have.JPG 014.The World Golf Villlage Tower, in all its splendor.JPG 015.The grounds were spotlessly immaculate, as always.JPG
016.Dr. Oscar and Kerry pose beside the Blue Bomber.JPG 017.A happy Dr. Oscar with Kerry's Top 40 plaque.JPG 018.Linda and her and Bill's Top 40 plaque.JPG 019.Mark and his C1 trophy.JPG  

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!

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