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Corvettes on the Pier 2004
001.Hurricane, what hurricane---we have a Corvette show to attend.JPG 002.Mark's '59 taking advantage of the morning shade before it disappears.JPG 003.Ya think it goes fast.JPG 004.All shined up and ready to show.JPG 005.This C5 appears to have a little C6 front end envy.JPG
006.Check out this MINT two-tone '81.JPG 007.Although fewer cars were on hand this year, the venue was, as always, spectacular.JPG 008.Now, THIS is a paint job.JPG 009.Like thoroughbreds in their stables.JPG 010.This Tasco Turquoise '60 was nice.JPG
011.But this Snowcrest White '58 was nicer, and won Best of Show.JPG        

Thanks to Mark Gustetter for the photos!